Want to submit a story to The Pulse?

Here at The Pulse, we love hearing about what’s happening in your patch of WSLHD, so send us your stories.

It’s easy.

We just need to know all about the project or event in simple, everyday language. Who is involved? What exactly is happening? Where is it happening, when, and why. Ideally we’d also like a great quote from a person connected to the project. Your story should be at least 150 words long, and we might edit for length, quality, clarity and relevance.

We also need a photo if you have one. Photos should be clear and high resolution, with people facing the camera. We need the full name of everyone in the shot,  correctly spelled with names from left to right.

Once you have approval from your manager, send your story package to wslhd-corporatecomms@health.nsw.gov.au

If there’s something we don’t understand, or if we need to rewrite the piece, we’ll be in touch.

Publication is at the discretion of the WSLHD Chief Executive.

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