AMA president congratulates WSLHD on sugary drinks ban

soft drink, sugar in drink
The AMA has congratulated WSLHD on removing sugary drinks from sale at Westmead Hospital. Picture: iStock

AMA President Brad Frankum has congratulated Western Sydney Local Health District on removing most sugary drinks from sale at cafes at Westmead Hospital.


“Overweight and obesity present a major health threat to Australia, with two in three adults and one in four children at an unhealthy weight,” he said.

“The impacts of being overweight can have significant effects on both people’s quality of life and length of life.

“The solutions we are going to need to bring down rates of obesity and overweight are going to be varied and complex.

“Removing from sale the worst offenders when it comes to sugary drinks is a good start and I am happy to see local health districts leading the way.

“I would very much like to see other LHDs follow Western Sydney’s example.

“I also hope that the removal becomes a permanent fixture at NSW hospitals.

“A ban on the sale of sugary drinks at hospitals is not going to be a silver bullet to solve the overweight and obesity crisis.

“However, it is excellent leadership from health professionals and every little bit helps.

“Overall, we need to do more to encourage healthy eating, adequate physical activity levels, and improve people’s knowledge on these issues.”

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