Fitness Passport: how it works and what you’ll get

EFM Gym at Westmead is one of the facilities that’s part of Fitness Passport.

COVID-19 update: Due to the temporary shutdown of non-essential services, which includes gyms and pools, Fitness Passport has suspended all memberships from Midday March 23, 2020 and stopped direct debit payments until these restrictions have been lifted. 

Once these restrictions are lifted, your membership will continue as normal. If you wish to continue your suspension once these restrictions are lifted, please contact us to advise of new dates. 

An announcement on this date will be able to be found on our FAQ page here.

To view updated information, click here

Registration for Fitness Passport is open across WSLHD – and we’d love you to sign up.

Hundreds of people are already on board – not bad, given registrations only opened two weeks ago. If you haven’t got around to signing up, do it now. Better still, grab a workmate and get fit together.

This is how it works: First, go to our intranet for details on how to register. Once we get 1100 registrations, the program will go live.

Once it does, you’ll receive your Fitness Passport card. You will have access to more than 400 gyms and pools across NSW.

Membership will provide entry to all 400 facilities. You can go as often as you like, and to as many different facilities as you like. If it’s convenient to go to a gym in Blacktown or Parramatta on workdays, but you’d like to try out Wylie’s Baths at Coogee on the weekend, no problem.

If you’re travelling to the Central Coast for work, you’ll find a host of Fitness Passport gyms and pools there. There are gyms and pools everywhere from Broken Hill to Coffs Harbour, all accessible through your Fitness Passport membership.

Popular chains like Fitness First, Anytime Fitness and Crunch all have facilities on the list. Just make sure you’ve checked individual locations to ensure the one you want to visit is there. And even if it isn’t, there’s every chance another gym or pool in the area will be.

For more information about family memberships, what to do if you have an existing gym membership, your eligibility and what classes are covered, visit:

The deadline for sign-up is Friday, March 17. Don’t miss out. Do it now.

Generally, you’ll be eligible for Fitness Passport membership if you are:

• Paid directly by WSLHD

• Full-time WSLHD permanent staff

• Part-time WSLHD permanent staff

• Temporary WSLHD employees (who are paid via WSLHD payroll) who have more than 12 months remaining on their contract

Generally, you’ll be ineligible to apply if you fall into the following categories:

• Agency and labour hire staff

• Contingent workers

• Casuals

• Temporary employees who have less than 12 months remaining on their contract

• Employees whose contract has expired and are working without a current contract

• Any employee who is not employed by WSLHD

Fitness Passport is the first step in WSLHD’s employee wellbeing program, and will be followed by more initiatives throughout the year

3 thoughts on “Fitness Passport: how it works and what you’ll get

  • 29 Jun, 2017, 11:54 am at 11:54 am

    Very happy to have fitness passport. Myself and my husband use it every week!
    Some gyms want $99 fee. We have not joined any gyms that ask for fees.

  • 13 Sep, 2017, 11:40 am at 11:40 am

    Hi there , My husband and I would like to apply for this , however can you tell me how it works with taking our kids to use the local pools ?

    • 12 Oct, 2017, 12:06 pm at 12:06 pm

      Hi there, unfortunately this is only for WSLHD employees. Thanks.

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