Local coaches trained up for Paper-Lite

Paper-Lite training has started at Westmead Hospital – and there’s a good chance it’s one of the biggest training exercises ever undertaken in NSW.

More than 5000 people will be trained in the use of electronic medical records (EMR) over 14 weeks. That means 500 individual training sessions, 100 laptops, 6 trainers … and an almighty pile of cables, cords, projectors and switches.

Paper-Lite will launch at Westmead Hospital on May 1. It will provide real-time access to patient records anywhere, anytime, on laptops, mobile devices and computers.

The current training will create a network of ‘local coaches’ who’ll help support colleagues as Paperlite is rolled out across the hospital.

Speech pathologist Sarah Drake started working at Westmead recently after two years at Blacktown Hospital, where Paper-Lite has already been introduced. “EMR is the thing I miss most!” she said. “It was very difficult coming back to paper documentation, after having become used to the efficiency and accessibility of EMR.

“There is no waiting around for other professionals to finish using the files, and you are able to continue your work if the patient or paper file is not at their bedside.”

Fellow speech pathologist Kristen Hillier said she could see “little light bulbs coming on” as people in her training group realised how much electronic medical records would help their areas of practice.

“Although I am an allied health member, the training was excellent in giving me the knowledge and skills to better support all staff in my area from other disciplines as a local coach.

“I felt that at the end of the day the group felt confident in being able to support our colleagues with these new changes, and felt excited about the way EMR will change our practice in the hospital.”

Local coach training will be followed by hands-on training for staff. It will be rolebased, designed to meet the needs of specific professions.

Training activities will continue after implementation to make sure everyone feels up to speed.

More information about Paper-Lite will be available in coming weeks from unit managers and Paper-Lite project staff. In the meantime, questions can be sent to WSLHD-Westmead-Paperlite@health.nsw.gov. au

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