Light rail team answers questions on route

The Parramatta Light Rail team visited Westmead to talk about the recently announced preferred route for Stage 1 of the project.

Members of the project team were on hand to answer questions from staff, patients and visitors.

Overall the feedback about light rail at Westmead was extremely positive, and over 350 brochures were handed out as part of the pop-up event.

Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1 will connect Westmead to Carlingford via Parramatta CBD with a two-way track spanning 12 kilometres and 16 stops. This will be the first stage of the Parramatta Light Rail project and is expected to be operational by 2023.

The Westmead Redevelopment project team are working with the Parramatta Light Rail team on the exact location of the stops along Hawkesbury Road.

This is to ensure that the light rail route, the traffic flow and the new drop off and entry areas, as part of the new central acute services building, are all seamlessly integrated.

“The plans for light rail to include two stops at Westmead is a great outcome for everyone,” Peter Lawless, senior project director said. “It will help support the growing numbers of staff and students on the precinct and the move away from private cars by providing a coordinated connection with heavy rail and a convenient link to Parramatta’s ‘eat street’ and the CBD.”

The Parramatta Light Rail website at has a full community events calendar, a short survey and more information about the project including a map of the preferred route.

For more information about Parramatta Light Rail, contact the light rail project team on 1800 684 490 or email

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