Gymstagrammer, Grunter … what’s your gym persona?

COVID-19 update: Due to the temporary shutdown of non-essential services, which includes gyms and pools, Fitness Passport has suspended all memberships from Midday March 23, 2020 and stopped direct debit payments until these restrictions have been lifted. 

Once these restrictions are lifted, your membership will continue as normal. If you wish to continue your suspension once these restrictions are lifted, please contact us to advise of new dates. 

An announcement on this date will be able to be found on our FAQ page here.

So you’ve registered for Fitness Passport (thanks!) or are thinking you might.

And, once 1100 eligible WSLHD staff have signed up, the program will kick off and you’ll have access to more than 400 pools and gyms across NSW (tops!).

So now’s the time to think about what kind of gym junkie you might become … and maybe the kind you want to avoid become.

We’ve come up with a handy guide to help.

  1. The Gymstagrammer (see pic!)

Always in co-ordinated activewear, The Gymstagrammer knows the importance of looking good. How else will you get the likes?

Must have: Crop top, high ponytail, clear eyes. And make-up. Lots of glowy, natural-looking makeup.

  1. The Slacker

New gear? Tick. Twelve-month membership? Tick. Public announcement of intention to get fit? Tick.

But what looked like a good idea in January is now … not so much.  Still, five minutes on a slow treadmill and a gentle tug at the lat bar qualifies as exercise, doesn’t it? And technically you did ‘go to the gym’.

  1. The Peacock

The Peacock is pleased with himself (and yes, he’s always male). Why wouldn’t he be? Just check out those pecs. Those biceps. Those quads.

A little flex here, a little flex there. You can thank him later.

  1. The Glancer

A subset of The Peacock, The Glancer knows they’re hot. But they don’t want you to know they know. They’d never walk straight up to the mirror and check themselves out (too obvious), but a furtive glance at the guns when noone’s looking … well, what could possibly be wrong with that?

  1. The Grunter

The Grunter is putting in effort. A LOT of effort.

Those weights might be heavy, but The Grunter can handle them.  That final sprint uphill on the treadmill? DONE!

You did notice … didn’t you?

  1. The Hog

There’s a towel on the leg press. There’s a water bottle on the weight bench. A set of headphones are draped over the elliptical.

The Hog is on a program and The Hog has needs.  And The Hogs needs are greater than yours. Approach with caution.

  1. The Chatter

Don’t ask what The Chatter did on the weekend. You won’t have to – they’ll tell you. And how cute their dog is. And about last night’s chops.

The Chatter is fit. Like, really fit. How else to account for the fact they can go flat strap on the bike for the bike for a full 60 minutes without drawing breath?

  1. The Do It Anyway-er

You ‘re the average Jo (or Joe) who has decided that getting fit is going to make you feel better and being healthy is a good thing. You dash to the gym before work, during your lunch time or after work. You don’t worry too much about how you look and you get it done. You see some of your work colleagues there (because we’re all in this together), and you celebrate small steps forward going a little further, faster or heavier – and most of all feeling the best you have in years.

Maybe this is you?

(By the way, it’s not too late to register for Fitness Passport. It will give you access to more than 400 pools and gyms across NSW at a fraction of the usual cost. Single membership costs just $12.95 a week, and family memberships $19.95 a week. Go to to register.)

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