Matt’s beard to go in World’s Greatest Shave

BMDH project team member Matthew Tadorian is preparing to shave his beard (and maybe even his head!) for the Leukaemia Foundation’s upcoming World’s Greatest Shave.

Matt hasn’t been clean-shaven since high school – and that’s only because the uniform policy banned facial hair.

His 10-week-old son George, along with many of his friends and colleagues, have never seen him without his fuzzy chin.

BMDH project team member Matthew Tadorian


We’re told his lovely wife Jo has forgotten what he looks like underneath the beard too.

Matt is keen to reach his fundraising goal of $5000 – can you help? Remember, you’re doing it for baby George – and Jo! If Matt reaches his target, he’ll shave his head too.

All funds raised will support the Leukaemia Foundation, which assists patients from Blacktown Hospital’s Cancer and Haematology Centre beat blood cancer. The foundation also provides vital financial assistance and transport.

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Blood cancer is the third most common cause of cancer death in Australia, claiming more lives than breast cancer or melanoma.