Generation X,Y and Z celebrated

WSLHD; Youth Health; Youth Week; Westmead Hospital
Staff from AYAM Department, WSLHD Youth Health, Integrated and Community Health, ACI, Trapeze, and our youth consumer representatives celebrate Youth Week at Westmead Hospital.

On Thursday, 6 April, Westmead Hospital played a part in celebrating and raising awareness of Youth Week and young people.

Youth Week commenced in 1989 as an initiative by the NSW Government, and is now celebrated annually across every state and territory, as a mass celebration for young people.

Youth Week encouraged young people to share and vocalise their ideas and attend local events and feel part of the greater community.

Staff from WSLHD Youth Health, Integrated and Community Health, Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine Department, The Agency for Clinical Innovation, Trapeze, The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and our Youth consumer representatives, showcased youth initiatives across western Sydney and the services provided to young people.

It was a true celebration of how western Sydney is partnering with young people who use health services to contribute to changes in policy, and assist in planning with the redevelopment.

This was the first year Westmead Hospital played host to Youth Week events, the staff are eager to plan for 2018 Youth Week.

For further information about Youth Week, visit:

or contact WSLHD Integrated and Community Health Transition Care Project officer Silvana Techera on 0437 425 247 or email


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