Western Sydney kids see more clearly

Mount Druitt Hospital; Kiosk; volunteers; Paediatric eye clinic
Orthoptist Lindley Leonard, Mount Druitt hospital operations nurse manager Julie Yorke, Kiosk volunteers Emily Jancek, Monica Holyoak, Paediatric opthamologist Dr Trent Sandercoe and Christopher Yaacoub

Children from Blacktown and Mount Druitt will now be able to undergo eye treatments more comfortably, thanks to a generous donation from Mount Druitt Hospital’s volunteers.

The hospital’s hard-working kiosk volunteers donated three pieces of equipment to the Mount Druitt Hospital Paediatric Eye Outpatient clinic.

The equipment valued at about $20,000, will be used to help restore poor vision and correct sight in local children.

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead ophthalmologist Dr Michael Jones, who is working in collaboration with staff from Mount Druitt Hospital, said the new slit lamp, wall-mounted binoculars and electric height-adjustment chair would assist staff in performing awkward examinations on children.

“Having an eye test is often undesirable and difficult for many people – never mind if you’re a child,” he said.

“These crucial pieces of equipment will allow our staff to perform these routine examinations more effectively so we can easily identify problems and correct them.

“The service operates out of the children’s ward at Mount Druitt Hospital, allowing families from Blacktown and Mount Druitt to attend a bulk billable clinic, without having to travel to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

“The clinic provides general paediatric ophthalmology services for patients from birth to 16 years; we treat children with a variety of eye conditions and diseases, including simple sight conditions, which can be corrected with glasses, to more complex conditions such as turned eyes, lazy vision and diseases of the eye, retina or optic nerve.”

Referrals to the service are welcome from local GPs, ophthalmologists, paediatricians and community health clinicians. Referrals can be faxed to 9881 1036.

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