‘Auburn Hospital is wow – first class!’

Thankyou post to Auburn Hospital

Compliments – we love them, and at WSLHD we’re lucky enough to get a lot of them.

Leonie Cluff Horder’s daughter was recently treated at Auburn Hospital Leonie later wrote on facebook:

“And can I just say what a fantastic hospital and staff auburn hospital is wow first class.”

Corri Byrne visited emergency at Blacktown Hospital and was impressed.

“Earlier this week (I) had the need to visit a friend in the emergency ward of Blacktown Hospital,” they wrote.

“While there, I saw the frantic efforts of all the staff to keep up with the constant demands of many patients.

“Knowing this environment is filled with stress, difficult situations, frenetic activity and multiple teams trying to communicate – there was one particular person who truly was a shining light. Nurse Kelly (Emergency ward), I am not sure of her position, but she was the go to person for so many. She consistently handled staff, patients, awaiting visitors, other departments, all with a peace and professionalism that belies her years.

“I would like to highly commend Nurse Kelly for her ability to bring hope in an area so obviously difficult!

Thank you, Corri”

Our caring employees in Blacktown’s cancer and haematology centre were described by a patient as “absolutely wonderful”.

Thankyou letter to Blacktown Hospital cancer centre

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