elearning for the EMR now live

eLearning is now live on the My Health Learning portal

eLearning for the electronic medical record (eMR), including electronic medication management (eMeds), is now available to all local health districts on the My Health Learning portal (formerly HETI online) – the learning management system that supports education and training across NSW Health.

All LHD staff now have ready and direct access to online interactive learning modules covering fundamentals of the system, as a foundation to ongoing eMR learning.

The courses are presented in state-recommended learning pathways. These follow fundamental eMR and eMeds functions for doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

eLearning is the foundation of eMR training. It supports face-to-face training sessions and on-the-job learning.

Completing eLearning will provide a basic understanding of the eMR and optimise face-to-face training sessions.

The training is delivered through a partnership between eHealth NSW’s eMR Connect Program and HETI (Health Education Training Institute).

Development and review of the training content was achieved in collaboration with local health districts.

Western Sydney Local Health District eHR training and application support team leader Brienne Dove worked closely with the eMR Connect team to review the eLearning materials.

“A new member of staff can use it to familiarise themselves, as a pre-requisite to starting work,” she said.

“It can condense the period of hands-on training, which can be geared instead to specific processes for a certain facility.

“It’s important for our students. The eLearning is a good source of initial learning for them, followed up by coaches in the facilities where they work. It’s also a good form of refresher training for those who would like to renew their knowledge.”

Brienne said the eLearning was a great resource for a local coaching team.

“Having new starters doing the eLearning as a first step means we can reduce the time away from the floor, and then hone in on the specific training needs for that site,” she said.

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