Parramatta North project – what does it mean for Cumberland?

Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) is working closely with UrbanGrowth NSW on the Parramatta North Urban Transformation project.

The development will deliver around 2700 new homes and offer significant public space.

But what does this mean for Cumberland Hospital (East Campus) staff?

In taking ownership of the site, UrbanGrowth has allocated funding for the relocation of health services from Cumberland Hospital (East Campus). These relocations could be to existing or purpose-built facilities at Cumberland Hospital (West Campus), the Westmead precinct, other facilities within the WSLHD or in the community, in consultation with staff, patients and visitors.

This consultation has started and will continue throughout the relocation program and changes.

Staff forums will be held regularly and we will also provide updates via staff broadcast and on the UrbanGrowth intranet page:

Each department/service undergoing relocation will be thoroughly consulted prior to any changes.

What have we done so far?

A project planning team – comprising WSLHD staff, Health Infrastructure and external consultants – has been undertaking an extensive consultation process with all services at Cumberland Hospital (East Campus) since July 2016.

This process has included:

  • Initial meetings with senior management from each service to confirm strategic directions
  • Identifying key stakeholders
  • Establishing Project User Groups (PUGS) and their membership for each service.

Meetings were held to understand different models of service, each group’s needs and any special requirements before a functional brief was completed.

A functional brief is a document that shows the model of care and how services will be delivered. It includes information on the exact space the service needs e.g. staff rooms, consulting rooms, meetings rooms, and how it interacts with other services.

Functional briefs for all PUGS for the affected services have now been completed.

What happens next?

The completed functional briefs are now being reviewed by senior mental health management.

They will then be submitted to the WSLHD Executive for further consideration, to ensure the recommendations align with the district’s overall strategic directions.

The next steps include starting detailed planning for the relocation of services. This planning work is expected to start in June 2017.

The first relocations will be in Area 1 (see below map). This include CHIPs (Buildings 84-89), SMHSOPS (Building 77) and TACP (Building 81).

Detailed planning for the relocation of the services will start in mid-2017 and some of the initial relocations may start at the beginning of 2018.

No services will be relocated until appropriate alternative accommodation has been arranged and the relocation timeframe has been agreed with the individual services.

We will continue to consult with staff, patients and visitors about these changes. Staff forums will be held regularly and we will also provide updates via staff broadcast and on the UrbanGrowth intranet page.

We know you have questions about the UrbanGrowth project and what it means for you – we are putting together a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to address some common questions. We are also holding a staff forum on Friday, May 19 from 1pm in the PARC Building.

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