Say it with a heart



Share Some Love is a new My Westmead fundraising initiative, encouraging people to share a personal message within one of society’s most intense institutions – a hospital.

The messages, written on hearts, will be displayed on a large monitor in the main entrance of Westmead Hospital and on the Share Some Love website.

The heart’s recipient will be notifi­ed via SMS and email – and the love keeps on giving if the message is then shared on social media!

All funds raised from the Share Some Love campaign will directly support Westmead Hospital, funding new equipment, innovative care services and life-saving research.

The dedication, commitment and hard work of the hospital’s staff are some of the reasons why many donors ask how they can give back.

Share Some Love is a great way to give back as hospital staff will be able to see, and feel, the gratitude of their patients.

It’s easy to Share Some Love and give a heart:


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