Corp Comms specialist trials free health check

WSLHD Corporate Communications specialist Emma Spillett with sport & exercise scientist Tom Ball.

By Emma Spillett, WSLHD Corporate Communications

As a busy 30-something, who spends nearly three hours a day commuting and another eight sitting at a desk, I can admit I often feel the pinch of a sedentary lifestyle.

And I mean, pinch – my pants have become a little tighter, my hips a little wider and my desire to exercise regularly a little lower.

So, when WSLHD offered free health checks for staff as part of the inaugural Wellbeing Festival, I saw it as a good opportunity to have a healthy living tune-up – a reminder about how important it is to eat well, move often and cut back on the booze.

The brief health check was revealing – a quick measuring tape around the waist revealed my waist measures 92cm. A healthy waist measurement for a female is under 80cm. My current waist measurement puts me at risk of heart disease and other illnesses. Oh no! Definitely a warning sign that I need to commit to living a healthier lifestyle and shedding some kgs.

The health check also included some basic questions about my diet. The good news? It’s better than I expected. I don’t drink soft drink or other sugary drinks and I’m definitely not one to pull out the chocolate or biscuits to get over the 3pm slump.

I drink at least two litres of water every day and I always eat at least two pieces of fruit.

The negatives? Not enough veggies. I should be eating five serves every day. At the moment, I’m lucky if I’m getting two so I’ll definitely be looking for ways to add vegetables to my diet. I’m actually snacking on some carrot sticks and hummus as I write …

I also need to cut down the booze and the dining out. But cheese and wine are two of my favourite things!? Ah yes, but being healthy is much more important.

**Free health checks are available to all WSLHD staff, as part of the Wellbeing Festival. The check takes just 10 minutes, is confidential and includes some great tips about healthy living. Sign up here**

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