Westmead star cleaner Kathleen praised

Kathleen is a star cleaner at Blacktown Hospital.
Kathleen is a star cleaner at Westmead Hospital.










Meet Westmead Hospital cleaner Kathleen Donnelly.

Kathleen has worked at Westmead for 30 years and has spent 17 of them on the birthing unit. Midwife Natascha Dastur described Kathleen as simply “incredible.”

“Kathleen is a proud First Australian from the Bundjalong tribe in Grafton,” she said.

“She works incredibly hard, never complains about her job, and takes pride in her professional conduct.

“Kathleen is kind and vivacious and she really values the sense of community we share in the birthing unit.

“She is a devoted participant in our Wednesday night family dinners, one of the biggest reasons we have continued the tradition.

“She is so beloved by everyone on the ward.”

Well done Kathleen – we need more beautiful people like you!

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