eMaternity goes live at WSLHD

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More than 700 midwives, doctors and allied health staff across Westmead, Blacktown and Auburn hospitals are now working in eMaternity, a state-wide maternity database system that provides data collection and reporting for inpatient documentation, outpatient’s electronic medical record, research and mandated state reporting to the Ministry of Health.

The system covers maternity care from the moment a mum-to-be books in, through labour and birth to discharge and community midwifery care.

It allows doctors and midwives to complete their notes electronically, and means antenatal care records are available in one place.

eMaternity also includes a ‘risk banner’ that displays critical information about the woman on one screen, and is visible to all clinicians accessing the application.

eMaternity went live across WSLHD on June 6. It is version 2 of ObstetriX, which has been in use since 2004.



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