Parramatta Light Rail update


Artist impression of the Parramatta Light Rail project at Westmead.

Hawkesbury Road has been busy, with trucks from the Westmead Redevelopment and works from the City of Parramatta on the new cycle way.

Other workers spotted on Hawkesbury Road are a team of contractors, undertaking investigations for the Parramatta Light Rail corridor at Westmead.

The information they have been gathering is being fed into more detailed design works, in preparation for the project’s environmental impact statement, which is expected to go on public exhibition in August/September 2017.

The Westmead Redevelopment team is working closely with the Parramatta Light Rail team to ensure the final route and stop locations are effectively integrated with the new central acute services building and existing facilities across the Westmead and Cumberland campuses.

This is challenging, given space constraints and the importance of maintaining safe and effective health, education and research operations on the precinct.

However, it is well worthwhile and this new mode of transport will support essential future expansion and redevelopment of Westmead and the vision of becoming a world-class innovation district.

The Parramatta Light Rail is just one part of a much broader transport and access plan for Westmead which includes supporting greater public transport use, improving cycleways and walkways and increasing car parking.

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