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Here at The Pulse, we love hearing about what’s happening in public health across western Sydney, so send us your story ideas!

We just need to know what has happened in simple, everyday language.

If it’s a Western Sydney Local Health District project, event or initiative, we need to know: Who is involved? What exactly is happening? Where is it happening, when and why? We’d also like a great quote from a relevant representative.

If you choose to write the story yourself, it should be about 300 words long and no more than 500. We might edit it for length, quality, clarity and relevance.

We also need a photo for all of our articles. Photos should be clear and high resolution (150KB-1M), landscape format, with people facing the camera and no one blinking. We need the full name of everyone in the shot and their position titles correctly spelled and listed from left to right.

Once you have approval from your manager (if you’re a WSLHD employee), then you’re ready to send us your submission. Please email us at WSLHD-ThePulse@health.nsw.gov.au with your stories and pics.

Publication of all content is at the discretion of The Pulse editor.

Please be aware that The Pulse may contain the names, images and/or voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who may be deceased

To notify The Pulse about the death of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person, please phone 8890 4564. 

One thought on “Want to submit a story to The Pulse?

  • 25 Oct, 2017, 2:26 pm at 2:26 pm

    As a mature-aged university student from Western Sydney, I am most disappointed about the lack of Social Work placements offered in our public hospitals. I am most passionate about Mental health and its prevalence and impacts on society and families. More help, support and understanding is needed to accommodate the needs of the community. More investment in the accessibility of local resources and trained staff is detrimental to this field. The gaps in society are increasing instead of decreasing. Where is the future of mental health in Western Sydney? Help is needed, more care is needed, recognition of these illnesses is needed and most importantly continual support is needed.

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