My Food Choice coming to Auburn and Westmead hospitals

Food Services staff at Blacktown Hospital operating My Food Choice.

Patients in Westmead and Auburn hospitals will soon receive a new range of nutritious and tasty meals, prepared and delivered with personalised service.

My Food Choice will be introduced at Auburn Hospital in September 2017 and Westmead Hospital in October 2017.

Under the new system, Food Services staff will provide each patient with a pictorial menu and take their order, just two to four hours before meal time.

Staff will then enter the order on a mobile device and transmit it to the kitchen by Wi-Fi for instant action.

Food Services staff will spend more time on the ward, helping patients with their orders and offering more personalised service.

My Food Choice is already operating at Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals and has been well-received by staff and patients.

HealthShare NSW is now working closely with Westmead and Auburn hospital managers and clinicians to ensure My Food Choice meets the needs of the community.

Patients will be offered a halal menu, with nine hot options like lamb keftas in tomato sauce with rice and vegetables, and a vegetarian menu with several vegan choices.

My Food Choice is a more accurate, tech-savvy way of delivering meals to patients, ending the need for spare meals, reducing waste and saving money.

Food Services staff are now being trained in the new system and in new IT processes so they can take and fulfill orders correctly.

We will send more information about go-live dates at each hospital and what is involved in the coming weeks.

Questions? Contact Westmead Hospital director of corporate services Mathivanan Sakthivel on or 02 8890 6454 |

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