Afternoon ‘clinics’ will examine research proposals

Professor Stephen Leeder
Professor Stephen Leeder

Building on the success of the consultative services in statistics and writing offered through the Research and Education Network (REN), Tuesday afternoon ‘clinics’ will be trailed for research workers and those proposing to conduct research.

The clinics will be run by Prof Stephen Leeder, who has  expertise in clinical epidemiology and is now as editor of an international journal.

He will concentrate on research design, measurement and preparation for publication.

The clinics will aim to provide constructive critical appraisal of research proposals.  Questions arising that require specialised capacity would be referred to appropriate people in Westmead Hospital, recognising due concerns about intellectual property and the need for confidentiality.

The clinis will not replace or interfere with existing supervisory or mentoring arrangements and the service would be entirely ‘take it or leave it’.

Consultations would normally take 30 minutes each and appointments can be made by contacting Veronica Lai on

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