Celebrating ten years of care for Western Sydney women

Women's Health Clinic staff
Staff from Westmead Hospital’s Women’s Health Clinic celebrate their special milestone.

The staff at the Women’s Health Clinic have celebrated 10 years in their home at Westmead Hospital.

In 2007, the Women’s Health Clinic moved from the University Clinic to a new facility at the main entrance of the hospital.

It was just three years after former treasurer Peter Costello had called on the Australians to produce two children and have another for the country, and the so-called ‘baby bonus’ was still in place.

The Westmead birth rate climbed from 3000 in the first year to a healthy 6000 births per year today.

Midwife Karen Childs said the recent population boom in Western Sydney has also contributed to the number of babies born.

“Our clinics have been expertly managing this increase, with services expanding over the years,” she said.

Midwives now run outreach centres in Wentworthville, Castle Hill and Greystanes.  There are also clinics running on four evenings a week and weekends, and the Day Assessment Unit is now open until 10pm. Extra clinics include immunisation, renal, recurrent miscarriage, contraception and a fulltime dietitian is available.  Caseload midwives have also been introduced to give mothers one-to-one care.

“Many of the staff have been at the clinic for the last decade,” said midwifery unit manager, Quentine Kwong.

“This is a place where pregnant women feel respected and well cared for.

“This community knows that Westmead Women’s Health Clinic is a safe place, a caring place and provide the very best they can for women.”

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