Tune into a webinar on women’s wellbeing

women's wellbeing webinar

Two statistics make an upcoming webinar on women’s wellbeing something everyone should tune into.

They show one in three women experience anxiety, and one in five women experience depression each year.

It means the issues are likely to touch everyone’s lives in some way.

The Women’s Wellbeing in Focus webinar – delivered through WSLHD’s employee assistance program  – will include practical tips for women on how to look after themselves, and will examine how women relate to their bodies.

A key focus will be ‘the juggle’ – in other words, how to deal with competing priorities.

The webinar aims to increase awareness and knowledge around women’s health by supplying information that can be used in both personal and professional life.

The Women’s Wellbeing Webinar will take place on Thursday, 24 August 2017 from 2pm – 2.30pm.

To register, just click here.

The Women’s Wellbeing webinar is part of the WSLHD Wellbeing Program.

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