Westmead Hospital’s O3Hub – your sneak peek!

Clinical Governance staffers Marc Andres, Nour Alatari and Jeeyoun Jun enjoy the kitchen in the new O3Hub.

Westmead Hospital’s first new ways of working (NWOW) space – O3Hub – was officially handed over to WSLHD this week, as staff ready to move in on August 10.

The O3Hub, which is located on level 3 of the Oral Health building, joins Blacktown’s B2Hub as the first work spaces in the LHD to be designed with activity-based working principles or NWOW.

Clinical Governance staffers Marc Andres, Nour Alatari and Jeeyoun Jun in the collaborative booth.

In fact, our health district is the first in Australia to have activity-based working specifically designed for staff in a hospital.

Members of the Finance and Clinical Governance teams in the kitchen and dining area aka the “recharge” zone.

NWOW is about supporting activities through the physical space, ICT tools, and changing behaviours to create a culture that enables a welcoming workplace.

What is different about this work space?

  • Staff choose to work in a way that best suits their needs.
  • Everyone works mobile – staff can dock onto a work point or use their lap-top via Wi-Fi. All staff have lap-tops.
  • Paper-lite – reduce it, store it or recycle it!
  • Clean and clutter-free – if we don’t need an item, it’s in a locker or team storage.
  • ‘Do not disturb’ work spaces – no more interruptions when you’re doing focused work!
  • Group tasks and meetings are held in areas designed for conversation & collaboration.
  • Etiquette required – an agreed set of etiquettes have been designed. This includes how long you can stay at a work space and how meeting room bookings are managed.
  • New meeting rooms bookable from Outlook and have touchpad screens so you can book a room while you’re in it.
  • Specifically designed furniture and fittings that support your work, including sit-stand desks and soundproofing.
Marc Andres from Clinical Governance using the breakout chairs.

The O3Hub will be the new base for WSLHD Finance, Clinical Governance and Procurement teams.

Jeeyoun Jun from Clinical Governance uses the large screens in the boardroom.

“We get the opportunity to work in an environment where we can combine patient safety and quality, and finance and business intelligence, to ensure the care we are providing is the best,” WSLHD Clinical Governance director Luke Sloane said.

“Working together, sharing resources, and being able to collaborate in an entirely new way will result in new ideas, new prototypes, and a new sense of pairing when it comes to value, efficiency, resourcefulness, and safety.”

Questions? Contact the Westmead Redevelopment project team on 1800 990 296 or email WSLHD-WestmeadProject@health.nsw.gov.au

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