Boost for Westmead from patient support group

GBS Association’s Trish Brice, Rita and Ken Brooke and Mark Kunach with Westmead Hospital nurses Paula Stone and Amenze Itoya.

Westmead Hospital’s immunology clinic (A4D ward) recently received a generous donation from the GBS Association of NSW Inc. – a support group for patients diagnosed with Guillain- Barré syndrome.

The group donated a blood pressure/vitals machine, reflecting their goal of improving the quality of life of patients affected by the disease.

GBS Association chair Mark Kunach said support from the group went beyond the patient, extending to their partners, family and friends.

“We know recovery for patients is often measured in months and years so they need support from their family and friends to sustain them,” he said.

“To this end, improving the quality of life of patients by providing staff with the equipment to ensure best practice has several benefits; the patient gets the best possible care in the minimal possible time – no-one wants to be in hospital longer than is necessary.”

As a patient of Westmead Hospital’s A4D ward, Mark has seen first-hand the importance of having the latest technology for quicker diagnosis and treatment.

The new vitals machine is state-of-the-art, with an ear thermometer and a Bluetooth link to patient records.

This is not the first donation from the GBS Association to Westmead Medical Research Foundation – back in 2015, the group donated several pieces of equipment and generously, they have held open the offer to consider further donations.

“We are very grateful to community groups such as the GBS Association, who fund new, cutting-edge medical equipment, which match our charitable goals of supporting the delivery of medical research and patient care,” said Westmead Medical Research Foundation relationship manager Alison Whittaker.

The GBS Association is funded solely by donations and membership and their committee members are unpaid volunteers.

Their donation represents the support of families and friends of patients, as well as members and other supporters of the GBS Association.

For more information on how your community group or association can support the work of Westmead Medical Research Foundation, please contact Alison Whittaker or 1800 639 037 or email

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