New staff common room for Westmead

Westmead Hospital general services staff Monica Leslie and Victoria Gutierrez in the new space.

Westmead Hospital staff are set to move into their new staff common room this week, located near the Westmead Education and Conference Centre (WECC) on level 1.

The new space is fully equipped with seating, kitchenette facilities and computers .

The new staff common room replaces the old lunch room space in the former staff cafeteria, and the temporary University of Sydney common rooms.

It provides a comfortable meeting place for staff to take their breaks.

“All the staff are really excited to have their own space and somewhere to call home,” said general services manager Raynelle Howat.

“It’s not just a space to eat lunch or have coffee, but to also have a break, relax and connect with colleagues.”

The new space is available to all Western Sydney Local Health District employees.

Staff will have swipe access using their employee pass.

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  • 26 Aug, 2017, 8:58 pm at 8:58 pm

    …a good space to connect ….a good space for a tea break … Wonderful!!! thank you Westmead!!!

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