Westmead Hospital hosts US cancer expert

US doctor Leora Horn with Westmead Hospital oncologist Dr Rina Hui.

Westmead Hospital recently played host to an international expert on immuno-oncology treatment.

US doctor Leora Horn visited the Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre and medical oncologist Dr Rina Hui to discuss immuno-oncology research and how it can be used to treat patients.

Immuno-oncology, which uses the patient’s immune system to fight cancer, is proving successful and could herald a new era in treatment.

Dr Horn said: “the most recent data published this year shows stage IV patients – the most serious where the cancer has spread – have an overall survival of 16 per cent.

“These survival statistics are significant and those patients aren’t just living; they actually have a good quality of life.”

“It was an honour to meet Dr Hui and see the world-class facilities available at Westmead Hospital.”

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