Take a seat: Mount Druitt’s new healing garden

The new seats at Mount Druitt Hospital’s healing garden.

Sculptural seats, with Aboriginal themes, throw shadows on the new healing garden at Mount Druitt Hospital.

It’s part of BMDH’s new community dialysis centre project, but is already being shared by the nearby palliative care unit and the main hospital.

This tranquil garden features two seats with lizard and turtle totems, created by celebrated local artist Uncle Danny Eastwood.

The designs were created by local artist Uncle Danny Eastwood and rendered by sculptor Henry Topolnycki.

His designs were rendered by sculptor Henry Topolnycki into delicate metal to form the backs of the garden seats.

As the project progresses, traditional Aboriginal medicinal, bush tucker and weaving plants will flourish around the central seating area, which includes a contemporary fire pit for smoking ceremonies and celebrations.

The community dialysis centre is currently being commissioned and will open later in 2017.

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