Major concrete operation at Blacktown

Trucks pouring concrete at Blacktown Hospital.

It took 75 trucks and enough concrete to fill a 25-metre swimming pool, but the first major pour for Blacktown’s new acute services building has been completed.

Contractors yesterday completed the first part of the level 3 floor slab for the new main entry and theatre complex.

“Its a major milestone for the project and its one of the largest pours scheduled for the site,” said Health Infrastructure project director Andrew Paris.

“We’re expecting 30 plus major pours over the course of the next nine months, so we will be seeing a lot of concrete trucks on site.”

Yesterday’s section will form the floor of the new operating theatres and if you need to know exactly how much concrete was poured, it was 430 cubic metres, or enough to fill 16,000 milk crates.

Construction for the new acute service building will be completed in 2019.

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