Top score for Blacktown ED

Well done team Project RED!

Despite a massive spike in gastro, flu and winter presentations, Blacktown Hospital’s emergency department managed to discharge 100 per cent of non-admitted patients within four hours on Saturday, 19 August.
Emergency head A/Prof Reza Ali said it was a significant achievement on one of the year’s busiest days, proving Project RED initiatives are making a real difference to patients.
“A 100 per cent score would not have been achievable without the changes we’ve made through Project RED,” Reza said.
“This is a direct result of the team approach, and the hard work of all staff in embracing changes like the morning huddle, in and out flow roles, and our new clinical spaces.”
Project RED sponsor Luke Elias said the numbers demonstrated Project RED was influencing the amount of time patients spent in ED, and how efficiently they were triaged, treated and discharged, or transferred.
Luke said the numbers were important because they validated the improvements to the patient experience.
“People can get focused on the emergency treatment performance numbers, and they are important to monitor and evaluate our performance, but when we look at the data we’re really looking for improvements in patient experience,” Luke said.
“This week we’ve clearly seen that improvement; the stats indicate we are continuing to head in the right direction, even taking into account the winter factors, and that’s hands down due to the efforts of our staff.
“We are grateful to the medical leadership of Dr Reza Ali, our nursing leaders Bronwyn Merritt, Joanne Scullion and Aileen Tadiaman, and to all our ED and hospital staff for rising to the challenge.”

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