LIVE BLOG: Quality Awards 2017

2017 Quality Awards entries close soon
It’s Quality Awards time!

Don’t miss a moment of the 2017 WSLHD Quality Awards! The Corporate Communications team will run a live blog throughout the ceremony to keep you up-to-date on all the action – as it happens!

8.40pm Over & out from the comms team – we’re off to mingle and drink a well-deserved glass of champagne. What a fab night!

8.38pm We’re closing the event with John Sean O’Malley – our King of Blacktown!

8.37pm Winners – head over to the media wall for some pics. We want to see all those smiling WINNING faces 🙂

8.36pm Thanks to our fab MCs – great work guys, you nailed it.

8.36pm Welcome to the stage Andrew Newton to make some closing remarks….

8.34pm And the winner of the NewsLocal’s People’s Choice Award is …. after-hours cannulation at Westmead Hospital. Go two-time winners!

8.32pm Annnddd that was Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On.

8.30pm And the winner of the Chief Executive’s Award is … the RACE project. Another x2 winner.

8.28pm And the winner of the Board Chair Award is … Patient Feedback – online, real time, anytime! That makes it two for the team.

8.27pm It’s peak awards time – YEW!

8.26pm Now we’re watching a video about violence prevention in our hospitals – featuring our MC Susan Barbosa.

8.25pm The team is shocked & honoured – well done guys!

8.24pm Walter Kmet has presented the WentWest Partnership Award. The winner is Community Eye Care in western Sydney.

8.22pm Wendy Cain has acknowledged the vision & support of the executive, the passion of the project team & all the staff who have supported the survey. “We have to listen to our patient experience,” she said.

8.20pm And the winner of the Bob Leece Award is … Patient Feedback – online, real time & any time!

8.18pm The team has acknowledged the students, the Aboriginal community and the Elders in the community. And they’ve gone into 40 seconds of speech! We’ll let them have it…

8.17pm A HUGE shout-out to our talented multimedia team who put together the wonderful winners’ videos. Jara & Carlos – you two ROCK!

8.16pm And the winner of the Education & Training Award is … ECAV Aboriginal Qualification Pathway.

8.14pm And the winner of the Innovation Award is … Not Another DVT in the ED.

8.12pm Amanda Nowak has thanked the Arts & Health program, A51, Sue-Anne, Luke & Blacktown. “It’s been such a pleasure delivering this program.”

8.10pm And the winner of the Arts & Health category is … music & memory program in acute care. We love this project in Corp Comms!

8.08pm “I’d really like to thank western Sydney for this fabulous award.” This award has been 10 years in the making. Nice!

8.06pm And the winner of the Harry Collins Award is … Stopping our SABSIs.

8.04pm This project was a collaboration with FACS – nice work.

8.02pm And the winner of the Collaborative Team award is … To home or elsewhere – family meeting.

8.01pm We’re now watching an important video about the reality of diabetes. Diabetes is a real problem in western Sydney – but we’re determined to do our bit to reduce the disease.

8pm Shout out to the Rethink Your Drink team – a great project. I even got a little stint on stage!

7.57pm And the winner of the Preventative Health Award is … Rethink Your Drink @ Westmead Hospital.

7.54pm And the winner of the Local Solutions Award is … Westmead After-Hours nurse cannulation team.

7.54pm Well done physiotherapy team!

7.53pm And the winner of the Translational Research Award is … Physiotherapist-led pelvic floor muscle training pre & post radical prostatectomy at Westmead Hospital.

7.51pm Team member Shalini has thanked her team. “It was a challenging undertaking but I believe we can continue to do what we can to make it successful.

7.49pm And the winner of the Integrated Healthcare Award is … the RACE program.

7.48pm Well done team. Jo Medlin has thanked all the leaders in WSLHD.

7.47pm And the winner of the Patients as Partners Award is …. Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management program.

7.46pm It’s awards time!

7.44pm Susan Pearce has thanked WSLHD. “This has been an absolutely brutal winter period.” We had the largest month-on-month increase in ED presentations in July 2017 EVER. Wow.

7.42pm Welcome to the stage acting secretary for health Susan Pearce. Danny O’Connor: “Susan is an extraordinary partner in everything we do.”

7.41pm Danny O’Connor: “we need to be in partnership with our consumers. I’m immensely proud of you all.”

7.40pm Thanks to our media partner NewsLocal – we greatly appreciate your support!

7.39pm MC Luke Elias has two favourite silvery-bearded men – Santa & CE Danny O’Connor. Welcome to the stage Danny!

7.36pm NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard couldn’t be here tonight, but he prepared a video message. “I absolutely support these awards,” he said. “We really do value what you’re doing.”

7.34pm Welcome to Country video now playing, made by our fab multimedia team. We are acknowledging Elders past and present. Thanks to Uncle Greg Simms for performing the welcome to country.

7.34pm Our award winners have just been told they have 20 SECONDS to make their speeches. 20 SECONDS. #preparationiskey

7.32pm Hello to all our VIPs – we’re thrilled to have you here.

7.31pm Shout out to my partner-in-crime & social media queen Sia – she’s live tweeting! #WSQualityAwards17

7.29pm This year we’ve received 79 nominations for Quality Awards – that’s a record. Nice work team WSLHD.

7.27pm MCs Luke Elias & Susan Barbosa are welcoming the crowd. It’s a full house. Cheers to the Westmead string quartet for their entertainment.

7.25pm For those at the awards, don’t forget to join the free ANZ Wi-Fi!

7.23pm MC Luke Elias is calling the crowd to their seats. We are nearly ready to rumble!

7.21pm Absolutely HUGE crowd here, so great to see so many people!

7.15pm We are T-15 minutes to kick-off!

6.49pm We’re predicting a full house! Definitely a great buzz in the air.

6.41pm We are so excited to see so many well-dressed members of staff! Our staff frock up really well. #noscrubshere

6.39pm Crowds are gathering – and enjoying some DELISH arancini balls! YUM

6.12pm Meet the faces behind your event – Jenny Harrison (event planner extraordinare!), Emma Spillett (your blog host) & Sia Anthopoulos (social media queen!).

6.08pm Guests have started arriving, we are ready to rumble! We have a fantastic string trio, our exec & MCs are on hand. We are getting excited!

5.54pm See you all soon! #WSQualityAwards

5.44pm We are 15 minutes away from start time – woohoo!

4.15pm The red carpet has been rolled out! Are you ready to strut your stuff?!

4.01pm Two hours until guests start arriving! We can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing.

3.50pm Ooooo, doesn’t the venue look FAB!? We can’t wait to see all those seats filled in a few short hours! Also, that stage is giving me LIFE. Love the silver!

3.39pm And those MCs are looking very fine! We’re in for a fantastic night.

3.20pm Our MCs have arrived for their dress rehearsal – we’re getting excited!

2.40pm We are well into set-up for tonight’s event! Banners have been unpacked, lighting has been tested & the red carpet has been rolled out. We’re getting excited! Don’t forget to follow all the action on social media too #WSQualityAwards


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