Rugby great on PCM in Westmead grand rounds

Westmead chief medical adviser Dr Ros Crampton with rugby league legend Wayne Pearce.

Former rugby league player Wayne Pearce was the guest speaker at Westmead Hospital’s education grand rounds on Monday, 11 September, 2017, speaking to staff about the process communication model (PCM) in the context of bullying.

Wayne, who played for the Balmain Tigers, said his years in rugby league had inspired him to focus on improving performance, via marginal gains, in organisations across the country.

Wayne became accredited in PCM in 2011 – a tool used to help businesses get the most out of their operations and staff.

Wayne told the grand rounds group that the model centred on staff finding their peak mindset, helping them understand what motivates them and others to better manage in high-stress situations.

PCM allows people to identify their personality type and then shows them how they can adjust it to better communicate with others.

Wayne said the model was particularly useful in healthcare as stress and poor workplace relationships often led to mistakes, safety issues and decreased productivity.

He said the model was a great way for people to educate themselves about their personality and stay in tune with their emotions.

“PCM is so valuable in high-risk environments because it teaches people how to observe behaviour and adjust their own accordingly,” he said.

“It’s all about observing processes; it’s a great way of improving productivity and increasing engagement and communication.”

For more information on PCM workshops, contact WSLHD medical and corporate education manager Tanya Jolly on

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