Multicultural Health Award nod for translation services

Eva Melhem (right) receives the Certificate of Appreciation.

Congratulations to Auburn Hospital’s and WSLHD’s translation service for its Certificate of Appreciation in the 2017 Multicultural Health Awards!

The team received the award for developing consumer medicine resources for culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Several other new multilingual health resources developed by translation services were also awarded certificates.

The team were on-hand to receive their certificate at a ceremony at the Australian National Maritime Museum on September 4, as part of Multicultural Health Week.

Eva Melhem from the service also recently presented on health literacy at the XXI World Congress for the International Federation of Translators in Brisbane in August.

Her paper discussed the challenges of developing quality health resources, outlining the need for extensive consumer engagement and testing for quality control in developing multilingual health resources.

Eva said her paper generated a great deal of interest among academics and other stakeholders at the conference.

Nice work team!

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