People Matter survey takes WSLHD’s temperature


The 2017 People Matter Survey shows our workmates are one of the things we like best about WSLHD.
The 2017 People Matter Survey shows our workmates are one of the things we like best about WSLHD.

The People Matter Survey gives 400,000 people working in the NSW public sector the chance to have their say about their workplace. More than 2500 people in WSLHD contributed to the survey this year, providing valuable insight into the areas we’re handling well, and the things that need improvement. the full results can be found here. WSLHD chief executive Danny O’Connor explains this year’s WSLHD results below.

The results of the 2017 People Matter survey have been released today. The survey takes the temperature on WSLHD as a place to work, revealing how engaged you are, how satisfied you are with your jobs and how you think we do on a range of areas.

Thank you to all who completed the survey – your input is important and helps us shape what we do.

This is what this year’s results tell us.

You value your work groups – the people you talk to, rely on and collaborate with every day: 76% of you say you receive help and support from others and the same number say you work collaboratively to achieve goals. 83% say their group strives to meet the expectations of the people we serve. More than two thirds of you agree your workmates treat each other with respect.

One figure gives me particular satisfaction: 74% of WSLHD employees say they get a feeling of personal accomplishment from their jobs. Providing healthcare to our community is one of the most important things anyone can do, so it’s great to see so many people feel justifiably rewarded by doing it.

Improvements have been made in the past 12 months – we are better at providing feedback, and our managers are listening more and encouraging input from their teams. Team spirit is good, according to 64% of you.

People working in Oral Health Services and corporate areas are among the most satisfied at WSLHD, according to the survey findings.

We need to lift a few areas – senior managers ensuring people feel they are being heard. We can build on the ‘walk-arounds’ of our facilities, and other initiatives to increase staff feeling heard.

WSLHD is a large and complex organisation, and People Matter helps us understand it. We will incorporate the findings into our thinking and planning and look forward to us working together to make WSLHD the best place to work.

Please find the full results of the 2017 People Matter survey here. I welcome your feedback.

Danny O’Connor

Chief Executive


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