Three words that could change lives

They are three little words that can have a big impact on lives.

Are you ok?

R U OK Day – a major suicide prevention and awareness initiative – is on today (September 14).

It strives to support and connect people, especially people who might be struggling, by asking a simple question: are you ok?

Western Sydney Local Health District will host an R U OK webinar for all employees from 12pm to 12.45pm today (September 14). It will cover:

  • An understanding of R U OK? and common mental health concerns
  • Behavioural signs and indicators a person is not coping
  • How to ask R U OK?
  • Identify mental health ‘risk’ and ‘protective’ factors in others
  • Practical ways to support significant others with depression and anxiety
  • Helpful versus unhelpful strategies
  • Medical and psychological treatment options

Register for the webinar here

“Asking the question, then really listening to the answer, can have an enormous impact,” said WSLHD employment health unit assistant nurse manager Deidre Beaney.

Resources are also available at the R U OK website, including posters, booklets, presentations and tips on “how to ask the unaskable”.

You can make any day R U OK day. Try out these techniques …


























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