Be prepared for summer

Prepare for bushfires. Photo: iStock

Spring brings welcomed warmer weather but also the threat of heat-related impacts, especially bushfires.

The Australian Government, Bureau of Meteorology, State Emergency Services and Rural Fire Service provide advice on the possibility for severe weather and bushfire conditions.

Websites (such as those listed below) provide helpful and up-to-date information to keep you informed about responding to an emergency:

In the lead-up to summer, it is time to put your personal action plan in place.

Simple actions can make quite a difference: for example, reducing the ambient temperature of a room by closing blinds/curtains, switching off lights where possible, turning off all other non-essential power items at the power point and downloading emergency services apps like fires near me.

It’s also time to complete a personal bushfire plan if you live or plan to holiday in bushfire prone areas.

If you are on the road, tune into ABC local radio for emergency broadcasts and follow emergency services advice.

Enjoy summer, but at the same time be prepared and know your strategy plan.

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