Patient feedback: praise for our wonderful hospital staff

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Kieran White’s father was treated at Westmead Hospital. He wanted to thank our staff for looking after him.

Check out his feedback below:

My father Michael Andrew White passed away in September in the oncology ward at Westmead Hospital.

At one stage, he was also in the medical high-dependency ward.

On behalf of my mother and entire family, from the bottom of my heart, I just wanted to thank all the doctors and nurses who treated my father.

Special mention to oncologists Dr Benson and Dr Mal and pallative care Dr Chan.

The care and expertise given was second to none and each and everyone made the effort to explain my father’s condition and keep us updated.

We were always made welcome and comfortable.

Finally, a special mention to the care given at the time of death.

My father was made as presentable as possible with all tubes and devices removed and this made time with my father in the private room that much more dignified under those circumstances as this time alone was essential to say goodbye.

The provision of the chaplaincy services and social care was also amazing.

Bharatkumar H Joshi’s mother was treated at Westmead Hospital. He wanted to thank our staff for looking after her.

Check out his feedback below:

My mother Mrs Hasumati H Joshi was recently admitted to ward B4C. She was discharged on 14 September.

My mother and I wish to place on the record our heartfelt appreciation of the care and professional service provided by your medical, clinical and support staff, who looked after my mother with cutting-edge expertise, compassion and smiles. They did everything possible to understand my mother’s pain and suffering and took appropriate action to help her recover as fast as possible, despite the communication challenge as my mother cannot read, write or understand English.

I would like to mention, specifically Dr Shettar, Dr Yau and Dr Leesa (and their support medicos) who were excellent in doing all the necessary regular monitoring of critical indicators like % oxygen levels, kidney function, BP, x-ray, temperature, sputum test, etc., changing and adjusting the medicine doses so that my mother could return home, cured, ASAP.

We are fortunate to have such dedicated, professional and kind-hearted staff members in NSW public health system at Westmead Hospital.

So thank you – please keep up your good work, team at the B4C ward.

May God bless you wonderful people.

Mum Rashida Tayabali had her second baby at Auburn Hospital on July 10. She wanted to share her gratitude for midwife Hazel Simeon. 

Check out her feedback below:

I wanted to personally write and let you know how amazingly warm and talented your staff in the birth unit are.

From the midwives who helped deliver my baby – Adriana, Diab, Leah and Pek – to the staff who looked after us while I was recovering; they helped me cope with labour and inspired so much confidence with their warm bedside manner.

Even though labour for me was hard, Adriana, Leah and Pek went out of their way to comfort me and keep my spirits up.

They allayed all my fears and were wonderful; I have no words for their calm and comforting manner.

The midwife who was there when I was pushing and who stitched me up was wonderful too – I think her name was Jane.

The staff kept coming back to check on me or stopping in for a chat and I really appreciated their attention – so much so that I didn’t want to go home from the hospital – I was so comfortable and well cared for!

All the medical staff who came to my room with information, or medicine (day or night) were amazing too.

Your entire team is doing an amazing job and you should be proud!

Thank you all once again and I hope you enjoyed the treats I sent you!


Blacktown resident Claire Dobbie visited Blacktown Hospital’s MRI unit this week – and she only had praise for the team!

Check out her feedback below:

I had the pleasure (!!) of using Blacktown Hospital’s MRI unit on Monday evening.

I was rather nervous because of previous MRIs years ago. 

I just wanted to congratulate the staff on what turned out to be a surprisingly easy procedure.

I was told when booking in that the nurse who was on that night was wonderful and how right that person was!!  I think/hope his name was Mark.  The technician who performed the test was also very adept at putting people at ease.  She and Mark made a wonderful team.  You and your dept should be very proud of these two people.

People are very quick to complain about things nowadays but a ‘pat on the back’ deserves mentioning also.

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