Parramatta Chest Clinic rated top-notch by patients

Parramatta Chest Clinic staff: Angela Sukkar, Krupaliben Bandhaniya, Maree Hotlon, Elizabeth Borges, Neil Heron, nursing unit manager Deborah Baverstock and Pranoti Hukkire.

Regular patient surveys have described nursing staff at Parramatta Chest Clinic as “professional, caring and informative” – and nursing unit manager Deborah Baverstock is celebrating her team’s success.

Staff undertake twice-monthly patient surveys and have been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback since May, with patients rating the clinic’s privacy, consent procedures and standards as “very good.”

The clinic, located in Jeffrey House, identifies and treats patients with tuberculosis and Hansen’s Disease or leprosy.

It runs regular sessions for patient review and treatment, along with screening for migrants and tuberculosis screening for tertiary education facilities, pre-employment and WSLHD staff.

The clinic also provides education and in-service programs for staff.

Ms Baverstock said she was thrilled with the positive feedback.

“I’m lucky to have such special and dedicated staff,” she said.

“The surveys really provide a snapshot of the lovely professional staff that make up the chest clinic.”

Here’s a sample of the feedback received from patients:

Cannot think of anything to change.”

“Happy with the service.”

“Very friendly and approachable.”

“The staff were professional, caring and informative.”

“The nurses were really good and deserve praise.”

“Every aspect so professional and friendly – couldn’t fault anything.”

Well done to the Parramatta Chest Clinic team!


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