Remembering a lovely wife and mum

Staff accept generous donation
Tito Jimenez, Francesca Queddeng, Thresiamma Joseph, Madeleine Langlands, Melinda Bragg, and Elise Toyer and Marlene Nasr, Community Relations & Events Manager, Westmead Medical Research Foundation.

A family has expressed their gratitude for the care of their late wife and mum with a very generous donation.

Chris and Bella arrived to Acacia House with an enormous box – almost impossible to be carried by one person – and 10 other smaller boxes.

These were part of a generous in-kind donation that the Sarne family made to the haematology ward at Westmead Hospital where Dianne Sarne (Chris’ wife and Bella’s mum) spent 110 days.

Sadly, Dianne lost her battle against a terminal illness and she passed away from complications resulting from acute myeloid leukaemia.

Chris and Bella wanted to give back to Westmead. They were extremely thankful to the nursing staff that for nearly four months took care of their wife and mother.  They noticed some areas on the ward were lacking in-patient amenities, they decided to donate a 49” smart television with wall mount, five tablets and five portable DVD players for patient use.

Additionally, the family gifted 90 movie vouchers to the dedicated nursing staff in the ward.

For Chris and Bella, this in-kind gift was a way to remember Dianne and to leave a meaningful legacy to Westmead.

WMRF Community Relations & Events Manager Marlene Nasr said that this donation would make a big difference to the patients staying in ward C5A

“We are very grateful to the Sarne family, as this generous donation will ensure that the patients in C5A Haematology will now have better access to entertainment and a more comfortable stay,” she said.

For more information about supporting Westmead Medical Research Foundation please visit or call 1800 639 037.

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  • 20 Sep, 2017, 3:30 pm at 3:30 pm

    What a wonderful gift from a family that is grieving such a loss, a lovely story to read. Congratulations to the staff what a credit to our area health service.

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