Celebrating the hard work of our dieticians

Blacktown dieticians
Blacktown Hospital dietitians (L-R) Barbara Hannah, Miriam Chin, Navnita Chetty and Sarah Messer.

Blacktown Hospital celebrated and recognised the hard work of the dietetic profession this month!

Dietitians work in a variety of workplaces including hospitals, private practice, food industry, corporate business, community health and many more. They positively impact lives by empowering and supporting us through good nutrition.

The dietitians at Blacktown Hospital celebrated Dietitian’s Day and promoted awareness amongst clinical ward staff about malnutrition in the hospital setting.

In a hospital setting, dietitians play an important role in identifying, and providing nutrition interventions to patients that may be at risk or currently are assessed as malnourished.  Dietitians use nutrition support as a strategy to prevent and correct malnutrition.

Blacktown dietitians went on a hospital wide roadshow, from ward to ward, spreading the word about malnutrition with a fun game. Oral nutritional supplement tasting was also on offer.  Nursing staff were positively engaged in the activity, answering the quiz questions, learning more about their roles in malnutrition screening, and also tasting the products that are provided to patients in the hospital setting.

The dietitians reported the day was a success, and they look forward to next year’s celebrations.

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