Stop the clot on World Thrombosis Day

Westmead Hospital staff don stop the clot t-shirts for World Thrombosis Day.

Westmead Hospital staff joined the cause to stop the clot on World Thrombosis Day (October 13).

World Thrombosis Day aims to raise awareness of thrombosis or blood clots.

It is held on October 13 annually, the birthday of Rudolf Virchow, who was a pioneer in the pathophysiology of thrombosis.

Thrombosis is the formation of potentially deadly blood clots in the artery or vein.

Once formed, a clot can slow or block normal blood flow and even break loose and travel to an organ.

Thrombosis is the often preventable underlying pathology of heart attack, stroke and venous thromboembolism (VTE).

Patient safety officers at Westmead Hospital donned red ‘stop the clot’ shirts to mark the day and completed ward rounds in their red gear, offering patients information on preventing thrombosis.

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