Westmead breaks through pain barrier

Dr Annalee Yuhico, physiotherapist Joshua Pate, clinical psychologist Madeline Begg, clinical nurse consultant Sabine Boensch, physiotherapist Josip Sulentic and University of Sydney Dr Andrew Malcolm.

Westmead Hospital has launched a new pain management program for patients experiencing persistent spinal pain.

The spark pain program was a collaboration between health professionals from the University of Sydney, the Agency of Clinical Innovation and Westmead Hospital.

The professionals share their knowledge and skills to help patients with long-term pain management problems.

These health issues, if untreated, can cause significant problems over time, both physically and psychologically.

Westmead Hospital pain specialist Dr Alister Ramachandran said persistent pain was complex and required a more consistent and co-ordinated approach.

“We need to address both the physical and psychological aspects simultaneously,” he said.

“The key remains in education – more accurately psychoeducation and reactivation through physical therapy.

“We provide patients with up-to-date knowledge and active self-management strategies to deal with and manage their pain.

“Many of our patients are elderly patients – however, we also have many athletes and young patients who experience sub-acute pain.

“The spark pain program, established by senior physiotherapist Joshua Pate, is available through referral from GPs to Westmead Hospital’s physiotherapy department.”

The program runs for six weeks.

For more information, contact Westmead Hospital’s physiotherapy department on 8890 6500.

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