BCI says bula to Fiji nurses

Australian College of Nursing nurse educator (higher education) Musette Healey, Westmead Breast Cancer Institute director Assoc Prof Nirmala Pathmanathan, Fiji College of Nursing general secretary Laisiana Tuapati, Australian College of Nursing executive director of education Anne Samuleson, Fiji College of Nursing president Kelera Soata and director of nursing/registrar Silina Waqa Ledua.

Westmead Breast Cancer Institute director Associate Professor Nirmala Pathmanathan today (November 1) welcomed Fiji College of Nursing president Kelera Soata, director of nursing and registrar Silina Waqa Ledua and general secretary Laisiana Tuapati to the institute.

The Fijian visitors were accompanied by their hosts from the Australian College of Nursing: executive director of education Anne Samuleson and nurse educator (higher education) Musette Healey.

The aim of the visit was for the cohort to gain insight into the Australian health system and nurse training, showcasing some of the nurse education programs.

The group were provided with background information into breast cancer care programs delivered by BCI, including screening, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care and were also shown around the BCI clinics and associated treatment areas.

The visit to BCI particularly aimed to showcase the breast care nurse practicum education program – a specialised module of breast care nursing for registered nurses currently caring for patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

The BCI, in collaboration with the ACN and support of the McGrath Foundation, developed this program to support rural and remote nurses to gain a better understanding of the clinical diagnosis and management of patients with breast cancer within a multidisciplinary setting.

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