District recognises radiation experts

Radiation experts
Radiation therapists and radiologists celebrated their work at the Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre today.

It was an exciting day for radiation therapists and radiographers across our hospitals as they joined to celebrate National Radiographers and Radiation Therapist Week (NRRTW).

Each year, the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT) encourages teams around the country to celebrate the national initiative. This year’s theme is “working together”.

There are approximately 75 radiation therapists across Blacktown and Westmead hospitals and 70 radiographers at Westmead Hospital.

Radiographers are responsible for medical imaging primarily for diagnosis.

Radiation therapists are responsible for the planning and delivery of radiation to treat cancer.

To mark their important role in our hospitals, a morning tea was held at the Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre staff tea room, which was networked by video conferencing to the Blacktown cancer and haematology centre tea room where their team celebrated the occasion simultaneously.

The celebration also marked the anniversary of the discovery of X-Rays (8 November 1895) – a very important date in medical history.

Blacktown Hospital
Blacktown Hospital celebrated with an information stand and cupcakes in Hospital Street.

Radiation Therapist Julie Han said a banner was created to signify the theme of working together.

“We dipped our hands in paint and left our hand prints on the banner to signify our network’s hands on approach to working together in delivering high quality health care.”

Thank you to all of our hardworking radiographers and radiation therapists for all you do!

radiation experts
Radiation therapists and radiographers teamed up to leave hand in-prints on a banner, signifying the notion of ‘working together’ to offer the best healthcare.