Cash boost to break ground in tremor research

Westmead Hospital’s Movement Disorders Fellow and study investigator Dr Alessandro Fois.

Senior clinicians at Westmead Hospital have received a cash injection of $30,000 from the Brain Foundation to further their research into tremors, which affect thousands of Australians.

Westmead Hospital’s Movement Disorders Fellow and study investigator Dr Alessandro Fois explained said tremors can be difficult to treat.

“For some people, tremor affects day-to-day life. Some people’s hands shake so much they cannot write or even sign their name, they cannot eat with a knife and fork or drink out of a cup without spilling and avoid eating, or they have had to give up their work or their hobbies,” Dr Fois said.

“More than 240,000 Australians are currently suffering from Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s disease.

“With my co-investigators and PhD supervisors, Associate Professor Victor Fung, Professor Steve Vucic and Dr Neil Mahant, I plan to use a combination of clinical and neurophysiological techniques to assess patients with tremor.

“We hope to separate patients with tremor into meaningful subgroups that might behave similarly in terms of their progression and response to treatments.

“In future, we hope that this work might provide the basis for trials of new treatments at Westmead Hospital.

“Our goal is to provide better care for our patients with tremor and we are very grateful to the Brain Foundation and Westmead Hospital for their support in reaching this goal.”