Blacktown Hospital mums catch up for a picnic

Blacktown Hospital mums
Blacktown Hospital mums caught up over a picnic recently to connect and share experiences!

Blacktown Hospital’s Midwifery Group Practice recently held their bi-annual reunion for new mums and their families.

The reunions are held to enable interaction and relationships between women who have given birth at Blacktown Hospital and are in similar life stages and situations.

The recent reunion attracted more than 50 women with their babies and extended families.

“The event is a great opportunity to promote positive interactions between Blacktown Hospital, our staff and the community,” said registered midwife Alex Smee.

“We’re also proud to be offering mums the opportunity to share their experiences.

“We look forward to the continuation of this fantastic community event.”

Mum Kelly Miller said she loved the Midwifery Group Practice program.

“It was so wonderful to have the one person to talk to throughout my pregnancy,” she said.

“It was so great to catch up with my midwife at the picnic, and it’s great to see other mums doing well and the babies growing and developing.”