Registrar of the Year inspired by WSLHD mental health

Registrar of the year
Registrar of the Year Khushboo is destined for big things.














NSW Registrar of the Year Dr Khushboo Baheti farewells WSLHD today to take up an external secondment role with Goulburn Base Hospital as a part of her ongoing psychiatric training.

Khushboo, who began working as an RMO with WSLHD in 2013, will return to the WSLHD in February 2018.

“In 2013, I was recruited by WSLHD as a RMO in psychiatry and was allocated Consultation Liaison term at Westmead for a year. After that, I got into the formal psychiatric training program with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists” Khushboo said.

She has no doubt she found her calling during her posting with WSLHD mental health services.

After becoming interested in mental health,  Khushboo decided to specialise in psychiatry for old age and is now devoted to the challenging work of delivering mental health services to the Australia’s ageing community.

“High rates of psychiatric disorders are common in the elderly population. As I work with diverse population, elder abuse is prevalent. Also people are living longer so they have more medical comorbidities and these impacts on their mental health.”

“We (as a society) have limited resources so sometimes it is challenging to get all the care services for an elderly person in the community. Transitioning to the aged care facilities is a difficult period for patients and their families.”

A native of Gujarat, India, Khushboo moved to Australia in 2011 after completing her medical studies in her home country.

Khushboo was nominated by her peers for the AMA-led round of 2017 Doctors in Training awards.

There were four categories including Registrar of the Year which focused on doctors with excellent clinical skills, non-clinical professional excellence, providing support to their colleagues and who have made significant contributions to prevocational medical education and training.