Saying goodbye to the old library

Westmead Hospital library staff (past and present) mark the closure of the library with colleagues and friends.

Last week, we officially said goodbye to Westmead Hospital Library as we know it, with current and old staff, colleagues and friends coming together to share memories and celebrate the work that has gone into the upcoming refurbishment.

Library manager Linda Mulheron reflected on her first days at the library.

“I’ve been here for nearly 32 years. Back then we had one computer – and it wasn’t even a real computer, it was a modem set up to the national library!

“We have been through a lot since then, and I am very proud of the work we have done to support clinical education, training and research. At the end of the day, the library works to support patient care, and this will be improved even more with the refurbishment.”

Prof Stephen Leeder, director of the WSLHD research and education network and emeritus professor of public health and community medicine at the University of Sydney, said it was an important day for library staff.
“All change disturbs us – it’s tough stuff. But this is a good time to stop and think: ‘what are we doing with the library, what’s the purpose?’

“Look forward to what’s coming – it will be big, it will be exciting, it will be frustrating. People will get mad because they can’t find things. But in the long run, the refurbishment will create opportunities for people to reach even beyond the walls of the library, to extend their knowledge all over the world, to provide better care for patients. And that’s a great mission.”

Westmead Hospital Library staff have temporarily relocated to tutorial room F in the clinical sciences corridor, located on level two near the Westmead Clinical School.

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