Train & bus timetable changes – how does it affect Westmead?

Staff, patients and visitors will soon have even more ways to get to and from Westmead Hospital, with the introduction of new train, ferry and bus timetables by Transport for NSW.

The new timetables officially come into effect on Saturday, November 26, 2017 and will include more than 1500 new train services, close to 7000 new bus services and more than 140 ferry services across NSW.

What does this mean for Westmead?

For the Westmead precinct, the changes mean 300 extra weekly bus services on Route 711, trains every three minutes to run between Parramatta and the CBD in peak periods and an 18 per cent increase in train services stopping at Westmead Station.

Services stopping at Westmead Station will be pretty similar in peak periods, but there will be more late-night services and weekend trains.

There will be more trains going to and from Parramatta and more express services running between Parramatta and the CBD.

There will be some changes to train lines, platforms and bus and train times – make sure you check the trip planner before you travel!

Your current service may have changed or there may be a new option available for a quicker and easier way to commute.

The new timetables are now available to view on the trip planner.

What are the benefits?

The new timetables will provide more options for staff across the precinct to travel to work without needing to drive, supporting both sustainability and health goals for the future.

The changes are hoped to encourage more people to not only use public transport around the Westmead precinct but also encourage more people, particularly staff, to be physically active by walking or cycling to and from these destinations instead of using their cars.

Need more information?

Visit or call 131 500.

Transport for NSW want to hear from you about the new timetable. Visit to give your feedback.