First app in Australia to list non-cancer trials

Staff check out app
Clinical research nurse Paige Stapleton and Associate Professor Judith Trotman browse the revolutionary app.

It lists trials in the areas of cardiology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, respiratory, renal medicine and more.

It was funded by Sydney Health Partners (SHP), a collaboration of hospitals (Concord, Westmead, Royal North Shore, Royal Prince Alfred), medical research institutes and the University of Sydney. It aims to help researchers accelerate health innovation.

The SHP program will focus on the major burdens of disease in Australia – including heart disease, cancer and musculoskeletal disease in areas where there are clear gaps between evidence and clinical practice.

Clinical Associate Professor from the University of Sydney and app co-inventor Judith Trotman said patients are often looking to take part in clinical trials to improve their quality of life, chances of recovery and in many cases, survival.

“There are hundreds of trials going on across NSW, enabling patients to access to cutting edge, care of the highest quality.

“Trials are often run because researchers or doctors are at the cusp of a new treatment or breakthrough.

“As a patient who has been newly diagnosed with a disease or condition, you want to be able to be across any opportunity that may help and in some cases, save your life.”

Head of bone-marrow transplant services at Westmead Hospital Professor David Gottlieb said the app is helping doctors make informed decisions about patient care.

“For the first time we can easily identify opportunities our patients wouldn’t be aware of.

“To make things even quicker, the app is in your pocket. You can screen your patient for trial eligibility straight away – no need to browse all corners of the web,” he said.

Patient Ken (surname withheld) from Epping was recently referred to an international trial for the management of his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, thanks to a consult with Dr Gottlieb and a ClinTrial Refer app search.

“Without the app, I may not have found out about this trial. I actually got in just a week before it closed. I’m so grateful to have been accepted into it,” Ken said.

“It’s only through trials that health professionals have been able to find out what works and doesn’t work. It’s great they can improve treatment for the next generation.”

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