Powerful end-of-year meeting

WSLHD Consumer Council; Consumer and Community Partnership Program; chief executive Danny O'Connor; Coralie Wales
WSLHD Consumer Council meet with the chief executive Danny O’Connor (second from left) at their end-of-year get together.

WSLHD chief executive Danny O’Connor reinforced his respect for the achievements of the WSLHD Consumer Council at their recent end-of-year meeting.

“The Council has built a strong reputation as a key partner for the district.  This is where the power rests as we grow our relationships with our consumers,” said Danny.

“The relationship between the staff and the consumer is what we are all about.  I applaud the work of the Consumer Representatives and endorse them as partners with staff in the many committees across the district.

WSLHD Community and Consumer Partnerships Program manager Dr Coralie Wales said the Council, which was established in 2014,  is making a difference.

“An example of how we are making a difference can be seen in the plans for the new Westmead Hospital.  Initially there were no carer beds,” said Coralie.

“Now, fifty percent of all single rooms will have carer accommodation. This was due to the persistent consumer-focused conversations led by Consumer Representatives Kathy and Evert van Oeveren in their project user group.”